What is Metrics Management?

"Without improvement, there is no success and without measurement there is no improvement."

That's a very defined cycle like our life and/or business cycles.. So we all the  time need look around us and measure and evaluate everything around us. This might come  difficult to most of the people but we have been doing this most of the time without noticing. So, we actually need is not only focusing on measuring and evaluation but also awareness. What results do we get from our observation? How can we make these results more helplful for us? How can we benefit form these results?

As mentioned, the first step is awareness. As soon as we are aware of the datas  flying all around us. We simply need to collect and classify them. Classification will differentiate  in vital, significant and other. As we are short of time,we should focus on  vital and significant datas which is the second step.At this classification we also have to be very carefull. It is very improtant how we classify datas. Every data has something to say but we have focus on those saying the most and the focus should continue with a decreasing intensity on datas. So we have to spend more time on most vital datas and try to comment them and and less on normal data. 

What is vital and normal?  I don' think there is a certain definition and/or seperation for this. It depends on the management, people, business, sector  and etc. The greatest mistake, most people ar doing is, they are trying to answer all the questions arosen from the datas at the same time No chance. So, it is better to start to answer with the known ones and continue find an answer for he others.

The third step is most important one. You have worked out datas, commented on them and now it is time to  make forecasts and assumptions how you should continue. This process is an always ongoing process and you have to go over and over again. This means you have to adjust always and all the time.

Finally, the second most important step is how you apply these forecasts and assumptions to your life, business etc. Because this step will bring you back to start and let you run again again the whole cycle but each time adding a success story

This might seem difficult but, believe or not we do it all the time without noticing. So just to be aware of it is what we need. 

At the Presentations page, you can find an attached pdf file giving you an example for the start of   Metrics Management which will absolutely help you  to setup a such a cycle to your business.